Brief about mouflons

Mouflons are animas that belong to mountain sheep subspecies. Latin name - Ovis ammon. Mouflons' natural habitats are only in Corsica and Sardinia islands. Year 1976 is the first time when moufflons were imported to Lithuania. Naturally they live in forests, where open grassland areas and many shrubs are found. Mouflons have a good vision and are able to observe threats quickly and then they hide. These animals are not dainty eaters - eats grass, trees and shrub leaves, bark, dry grass, ferns and even moss. Mouflons' horns grow all life-long, so an older age individuals "spruce up" an impressive curved horns. Mouflons’ hooves also grow all life-long, therefore rocks or stones must be in their living environment that they could abrade their hooves and so avoid overgrowth.



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