Project LIFE+

Two regional parks are implementing the project in Lithuania. Altogether, three degrading territories will be restored: Šaukliai boulders place in Salantai regional park, Vijurkai grasslands and Dubysa river's valley near Bazilionai in Kurtuvėnai regional park. All three territories belong to European interest protected territories network "Natura 2000". So project's activities directly contribute to natural habitats preservation which belongs to "Natura 2000" network. The main aim of the project is not only to restore natural habitats favorable status and save from extinction, but also to ensure long-term habitat favorable status and stability. Grazing animals was chosen to ensure long-term good condition of habitats. Different types of animals were chosen to graze, because there are various environmental conditions in three project territories. It was decided to graze winter resistant cattle herd in Kurtuvėnai regional park territories and mouflon herd in Šaukliai boulders place in Salantai Regional Park. Mouflons were chosen concerning abundant quantity of boulders in Šaukliai boulders place. These animals belong to mountain rams subspecies; therefore there must be a place to climb rocks or stones in their living environment. It follows that mouflons will eat progeny of trees and bushes, moreover they will "clean up" stones with their hooves from overgrowing. So, impressive stones will be seen and rare lichen species could settle on boulders.

In this website detailed information about the project activities are presented which are implemented in Šaukliai boulders place in Salantai Regional Park. More detailed information about project activities implemented in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park you can find adress:

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