Šaukliai boulders place is situated in the northern side of Salantai regional park. It was formed by the last glacier which went by approximately 26 thousand years ago. Waters of melting glacier brought about 300 thousand cubic meters of boulders in to the area of 79 ha. Unique vegetation communities grew up here because of exceptional natural conditions. This place has the biggest amount of junipers in Lithuania and some rare species of lichens grows on boulders. Some vulnerable habitats of plants can be found in this boulder place and these habitats belong to European ecological network Natura 2000. The aim of the Natura 2000 Network is to protect vulnerable habitats and species across their natural range in Europe and ensure that they are restored to, or maintained at, a favourable conservation status.

Since old times farmers from surrounding villages used to pasture their animals in the territory of Šaukliai landscape park (Šaukliai boulders place). After they stoped pasturing some settled natural values started to degrade. Growing little pines, birches and other self-growing bushes and trees began to overshadow the habitats of open places. So European interest, valuable and threatened habitats are in danger to disappear from this territory.

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park has the same problem in Vijurkai grasslands and Dubysa river valley near Bazilijonai. Cancelation of traditional farming began to change the dominant plant communities.

During 2012-2016 years Salantai regional park administration and project partners are implementing a project which main aim is to restore favorable status to European interest habitats by mowing, cutting down low value vegetation and applying extensive pasturage in project territories. In such a way long-term habitat stability will be ensured.

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